Trade Tech High School Intern

Sprotte+Watson Architecture & Planning, based in Vista, California is giving a local high school student an inside look at the architectural and construction industry. S+W has opened their office to a student intern from Trade Tech High School, also based in Vista. Trade Tech is a unique charter school that emphasizes project-based college and career training in the building and construction industry. The areas of study include engineering, architecture and green building technology.

Patty Sprotte, a principal at S+W, is one of the founding board members for Trade Tech High School. She has donated her broad range of abilities and those of the S+W staff to the school because she is passionate about helping students appreciate the relevance of the items they study in high school and understanding where their learning can take them – possibly into future careers in the field of Architecture and other related industries.

In an expansion of their relationship with Trade Tech, S+W has welcomed a student to test his skills in a working architecture office. The student, who is interested in possibly becoming an architect, will be a junior in the fall and has shown skill in working with industry standard software programs for BIM (Building Information Modeling). He was introduced to BIM software at school and is now testing his skills for a very real project. The student’s understanding, speed, and confidence in his work have substantially increased over the course of his internship.

S+W is excited to put his skills put to work on a set of drawings that will be extensively used by the office. He is also getting a view of the architectural profession though staff members, ongoing projects, documents, and the daily operation of the office. In addition to his drafting work, he is creating a college-level project and lesson plan to take back to Trade Tech with him in the fall. This hands-on lesson, a college favorite of Patty’s, will give the students an experience in advanced problem solving, innovation, and design that is expected of college-level architecture students.


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