Student Services and Arts Classroom Buildings

Grossmont High School/Grossmont Union High School District
Soaring beauty and a sense of drama. That’s what drives the design for S+W’s new Student Services building and Art Classroom buildings at Grossmont High School. These new structures make up half of a new Events Center, which upon completion, will create a dramatic gateway to this well-known campus. All within an innovative design that makes strategic use of space.

Sharing a small site with minimal footprints, each two-level building is approximately 12,000 square feet. In intriguing contrast to the formality of the buildings, the site plan projects an informality that welcomes students to linger and network — much like a casual, collaborative college campus.
The concept creates a strong sense of place by juxtaposing building forms, shaded plazas, open kiln areas and portico entrances. Beautiful finishes of smooth exterior plaster, concrete block and glass curtain wall provide design continuity — and a strong creative identity for future construction.
Photography by Pablo Mason