Sustainable and creative design for new and redeveloped learning environments.


Sustainable Design
Sprotte+Watson’s passion is creating sustainable learning environments that meet two pressing needs – protecting and preserving precious natural resources, while keeping costs manageable for today’s budget realities. Our High Performance Architecture does both. S+W learning spaces are carefully sited and built to take advantage of the sun and prevailing winds, so they’re healthier, naturally lighted and resource efficient. It’s a strategic approach based on S+W’s core philosophy: sustainable, beautiful, and flexible design that’s the New Future for education.

Our powerful solutions offer multiple benefits to students, staff and administrators: long-term durability, resource savings, and considerable cost/benefits of public fund expenditures for our schools and communities.
Interior Design
Creative spaces that inspire kids to love learning. That’s the new, exciting focus of S+W Interior Design. Our studio teams are working more closely with industry architectural leaders to select finishes that are green, durable, and yes, even fun for our District Client interiors! Resulting in engaging, lively spaces learners love, while protecting and respecting the environment. We’re also digging deep to create branding graphics that resonate with students to engage and way-find in their environment, and create a true sense of place. Even better?

With our new three-dimensional interior software, you can now experience the "virtual reality" of any space during the design process, and effectively share the vision with staff, parents and community members.
Redevelopment of Aging Campuses
Got an older campus or facility that’s lost its edge? Breathing new life into old spaces is a Sprotte+Watson specialty. This smart economic strategy lets the S+W design experts reinvent and update your space, while the District capitalizes on the reuse of a property it already owns. Through a careful Master Planning process, S+W can redefine an outdated campus with high-performance learning environments and code-compliant new facilities. Another important benefit? Redevelopment projects are increasingly popular with the public. They not only save money, they also spark renewed community interest and pride, resulting in increased campus populations.


Studies, Evaluations and Reports are only as good as the information upon which they are based, and the comprehensive nature of the team assembling the data. At Sprotte+Watson, regardless of your challenge, we take each task to develop decision-making documents seriously.

Whether development of a budget for a local School Bond, a new Master Plan, or a Campus Assessment/ Feasibility Study – each will be carefully documented (and illustrated) to provide your District the answers required for responsible decision-making. Our Architects are mindful that report recommendations must withstand careful scrutiny as educational tax dollars are limited!
• Master Plan Development
• Building Program Development
• Facility Assessments
• Capacity Studies
• District Standards Development
• Life Cycle Cost Analysis
• Feasibility Studies / Cost Comparisons
• Project Phasing Analysis
• Day Light Studies
• School Bond Consulting Services
“Sprotte+Watson is consistently innovative, responsive and utilizes creative approaches to complex challenges. In addition, the unique aspects of each and every project are considered and incorporated into design recommendations in a thoughtful way.

Patty Sprotte is extremely collaborative with members of the school board and district staff. Mrs. Sprotte has consistently focused on meeting the client’s needs in the best way possible. She is warm, open, and responsive at all times.”
– Nadine Bennett, Superintendent, Jamul Dulzura Union School District